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 veneers Woodland Hills Creating beautiful smiles that last a life time. Caring and experience professional dedicated to providing the highest standard of dental care. Invisalign Woodland Hills Veneers Dentist

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Orthodontics before & after photos  veneers dentistry They can fix teeth that have gaps, are discolored, worn down, broken, misaligned, or unevenly shaped.  tooth whitening          Porcelain Veneers photos Denture

Woodland Hills Porcelain veneers are shells of translucent ceramic material, which is bonded to the front of the teeth.  dental surgery  disadvantages ofWhen bonded correctly, porcelain veneers should be virtually indistinguishable other teeth.       implant dentist

Ceramic veneers are white, thin ceramic shells, made to fit precisely onto the front of anterior teeth.  dental veneers             Porcelain Veneers photos Halitosis Bad Breath  .       Veneers last and outperform bonding with greater resistance to stains and dulling.